RECOSA Board Meeting on Zoom, November 2, 2021


You are invited to join the RECOSA Board for our Zoom meeting on November 2nd, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  Please click here for a copy of the draft agenda. We will be discussing the upcoming November 12th Brown Bag/Annual Meeting, which will now be held virtually, as well as proposed changes to our fundraising guidelines. If you would like to join us, please reply to this email. You will then be sent a Zoom invitation prior to the meeting so that you are able to join us.


Attendees to the November 12th virtual meeting will be able to vote for a slate of candidates for 2022.  All nine board positions for 2022 will be up for election as all board members are holdovers from last year when we were unable to meet for an election. The success of RECOSA depends on the active involvement of our board members and general membership. A Nominating Committee of Honorary RECOSA Board Members has been appointed: Rolando Bono, Chair, Edward Garcia, and Julia Castellano-Hoyt. The Committee is accepting statements of interest from those who wish to serve on the board. Statements of interest should include your name and contact information, background, interest in preserving our retiree benefits, availability to attend meetings in-person and virtually, and ability to carry out the duties and responsibilities of a RECOSA Board member. Please email your statements of interest directly to Nominating Chair Rolando Bono at  rolando.bono@sbcglobal.netno later than Friday, October 29th. Please note on the email’s subject line “RECOSA NOMINATING COMMITTEE.”


Even though we won’t be meeting in person this year, the Human Resources staff has found a way to help us draw names online for a variety of door prizes. We have already received a number of gift cards, gift certificates, and other door prizes to be awarded to those who attend the November 12th virtual meeting so please plan to join us.

Best regards from your RECOSA Board!

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