Important Information Regarding Dental Coverage

Humana Dental Benefit Guide & Enrollment Form

By now you may have received in the mail the City of San Antonio Benefit Guide 2023 from Humana Dental below.

Humana Dental will be the new dental provider for the City of San Antonio effective Jan. 1, 2023.

This guide DOES NOT include the form that retirees need to complete to enroll for Humana Dental for 2023.

The enrollment form will be mailed to you separately in the coming days. The form is to be completed and returned to City of San Antonio Human Resources, NOT Humana Dental.

With respect to dental coverage only, retirees don’t have to return the Humana Dental enrollment form by the annual enrollment deadline, but should return it as soon as possible thereafter to ensure enrollment for 2023. However, retirees should make any other changes, if any, to their 2023 health benefits, such as medical and vision, by the annual enrollment deadline. Annual enrollment runs through Oct. 28 for post-65 retirees and Oct. 31 for pre-65 retirees.

During annual enrollment, you may call (855) 811-0409 for more information regarding Humana Dental.

Delta Dental Renewal Letter & Premium Increase

Some retirees may have received the letter below (or similar) in the mail from Delta Dental regarding renewal of the dental plan and a premium increase.

This letter was mailed in error.

Delta Dental coverage for the City of San Antonio will not be renewed and will end effective Jan. 1, 2023.

The premium increase referenced in the letter will be effective for Nov. and Dec. 2022, unless you choose to cancel your coverage.

If you wish to cancel or change your Delta Dental enrollment, you can call (888) 282-8784 (or the phone number listed on your letter).

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