Covid’s impact has revealed self-imposed restrictions in RECOSA’s bylaws that need to be changed to allow us to conduct our activities with greater flexibility. When Covid first appeared in the first quarter of 2020, it was not clear how long the pandemic would last. Because the Brown Bag sessions were canceled for the remainder of 2020 and it was not possible for RECOSA to hold an Annual Membership meeting in the Fall of 2020 to conduct our yearly Board elections, the decision was made to “hold-over” the current Board for 2021.

Due to the disruption the pandemic has caused to the way we conduct business, the Board has decided to review our 2018 Bylaws to determine what changes are needed to accommodate this new “normal.” The Board has worked diligently to develop proposed amendments to the Bylaws which will

  • Allow virtual meetings and elections
  • Accommodate holdovers and adjustments to Board terms
  • Adjust election procedures as necessary
  • Eliminate term limits for Board members
  • Allow Board members to hold more than one office and to share roles and responsibilities

We ask that you please review the attached draft version with the proposed amendments (click here) and the red-lined version of the document (click here) to see the exact changes that are being proposed to the Bylaws. Any comments and/or suggestions should be sent to RECOSA at as soon as possible so that they may be considered by the Board.

In accordance with Article XI of the Bylaws, we are providing more than a thirty-day notice to our members of the proposed changes to the Bylaws. The RECOSA Board will review the amended Bylaws document at our Board meeting on September 7, 2021, and will vote to move them forward for a general membership vote at our Board meeting on October 5, 2021. These two Board meetings will both be held at 11:30 a.m. via Zoom and are open to all RECOSA members. Email notice of each of these meetings will be provided about a week prior to the scheduled date.

With the amended Bylaws in place, RECOSA will move forward with Board Elections for all nine Board positions at our November 12, 2021 Brown Bag/Annual Meeting, whether the meeting is in-person or if it is held virtually.

Best regards from the RECOSA Board!

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