August 11, 2023, Brown Bag Presentations & More

RECOSA and the City of San Antonio’s Human Resources Dept. hosted a successful Brown Bag session on Friday, August 11, 2023, at the Pre-K 4 SA – West Education Center.

Presentations were given by the City of San Antonio’s Human Resources and Budget Directors, and the Human Resources Administrator for Benefits. Additionally, a presentation was given by a Sr. Account Manager with Aetna. RECOSA greatly appreciates all of the presenters, and the facility and staff of Pre-K 4 SA and the West Education Center.

As for FY 2024 retiree benefits, the City of San Antonio is proposing no plan changes or rate increases in retiree health insurance coverage for both pre-65 and post-65 (Medicare) retirees, and Humana and VSP will continue to provide dental and vision coverage respectively. In addition, a 4.5% COLA (Cost Of Living Adjustment) is proposed for FY 2024 (2nd highest adjustment in 30 years). PLEASE NOTE: At the Brown Bag the Retiree Benefits presentation indicated that retirees who had retired through TMRS by December 1, 2022, were eligible for the COLA. Slide 7 of the presentation below has been corrected to specify that retirees who have retired through TMRS by December 31, 2022, are eligible for the COLA.

The August 11 Brown Bag door prizes were focused on fun entertainment opportunities.  Thank you to our new and past loyal donors.  

  • 3 San Antonio Missions Baseball game packages, each including 4 Field Box Seats
  • 3 VIP certificates, each for 2 passes to the inaugural Cumbia festival, “Dia Nacional De La Cumbia
  • 2 Magik Theatre certificates, each for 4 people
  • 1 collectable CD, “Musica San Antonio”, created for the award winning “Puro San Antonio” marketing campaign

Of the 90 people who registered for the Brown Bag, we had a great attendance of 62, with 28 of those in attendance completing a survey. The overall survey score for the Brown Bag was ‘Excellent’. RECOSA appreciates the survey responses and will consider the comments for the future.

Following are the presentations that were given at the Brown Bag. Click on the images to view presentations.

    City of San Antonio Proposed FY 2024 Budget

    Justina Tate, City of San Antonio Budget Director

    City of San Antonio Retiree Benefits

    Renée Frieda, City of San Antonio Human Resources Director

    Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan

    Heather Lockett, Aetna Sr. Account Manager

    RECOSA Survey Feedback

    Manny Espino, City of San Antonio Human Resources Administrator – Benefits

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