Important FY 2016 City Budget News

Dear Retirees:  RECOSA (Retired Employees of the City of San Antonio) would like to make you aware of the process the City of San Antonio will be following in preparation for next year’s FY 2016 budget.  As always, the RECOSA Board will be closely monitoring any proposed changes that might negatively impact retirees.  We will work closely with the City to make them aware of any concerns we have on behalf of retirees.
You, too, can participate in this process and we strongly encourage you to do so.  Please consider attending one of the “Speak-Up” sessions that will be held at seven different locations throughout the city.  A list of these locations is attached and the first one is TONIGHT, June 8th.  Also attached is a questionnaire you will be asked to complete at the Speak-Up sessions.  A brief presentation will be made at these sessions, questions will be taken as time allows, and then attendees will have time to complete the form.  These meetings are expected to last only about one hour.  We hope to have good representation from the retirees of the City of San Antonio.  City Council members who represent the districts in which the sessions will be in attendance.
Feel free to tell other attendees that you are a proud City of San Antonio retiree and that you are concerned about civilian retiree benefits.  Much attention has been paid to the benefit packages for retired police officers and fire fighters.  We need others to know that, like average citizens, civilian retirees are struggling to keep up with rising health care costs with modest pensions and very low cost of living increases.  It is important that civilian retirees not be forgotten in this process.  Of course, you will also be able to express your opinions about other parts of the budget as well.
Please share this information with your family, friends, and neighbors.  If you can’t attend one of the sessions, you will still be able to complete the form.  You may print it, fill it out, and mail to:
City of San Antonio
Office of Management and Budget
114 W. Commerce, Ste. 301
San Antonio, TX  78205
You also may take photos of the completed form with a cell phone and email to:

You may also share your ideas on the City’s budget at the direct link:

All comments will be compiled in a document to be provided to the City Council at the Budget Goal Setting Session scheduled for June 25.  Thank you in advance for your input to this important process!

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RECOSA is a non-profit organization of employees retired from the City of San Antonio. The mission of RECOSA is to inform retired municipal employees of the City of San Antonio and other stakeholders on matters concerning retiree healthcare and retirement benefits and to take such actions as necessary to protect and preserve these benefits in a responsible manner; to promote and sponsor activities for mutual benefit of all members; and to assist in maintaining and improving the quality of life for civilian retirees of the City of San Antonio.