At the request of ReCoSA, The City of San Antonio developd a customer satisfaction survey for retirees covered under Humana insurance plans.  The survey was sent to all 1012 participants on March 4, 2013 and 502 (50%) responded.  Click here HUMANA SURVEY 04082013 FINAL to review the report on the results prepared by the City of San Antonio Employee Benefits Division.  On overall experience with Humana, City of San Antonio Retirees enrolled in one of these  plans  responded with  87.9 % satisfaction in overall experience with Humana.    Getting a 50% response on a survey is a very high return  for surveys of this type.  The  City is requesting that Humana pesonally contact any retiree who provided contact information and who answered ‘dissatisfied’ on one or more of the questions.  ReCoSA applauds The City of San Antonio for conducting this survey.

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RECOSA is a non-profit organization of employees retired from the City of San Antonio. The mission of RECOSA is to inform retired municipal employees of the City of San Antonio and other stakeholders on matters concerning retiree healthcare and retirement benefits and to take such actions as necessary to protect and preserve these benefits in a responsible manner; to promote and sponsor activities for mutual benefit of all members; and to assist in maintaining and improving the quality of life for civilian retirees of the City of San Antonio.