Board Member Elections December 6

Board Positions 1–5 will be elected during the December 6th Annual Meeting. Individuals  elected will serve two-year terms beginning January 1, 2017

The following board members currently occupy those positions:
  • Position 1 – Michael Trainer
  • Position 2 – Marianne Greene
  • Position 3 – Rose Rangel
  • Position 4 – Rebecca Waldman
  • Position 5 – Liz Garcia
All of these members have indicated their continued interest in serving on the board.

On behalf of the Nominating Committee, Chair Gene Camargo is currently accepting nominations to run for Board Positions 1-5.

If you are a RECOSA member interested in serving on the Board, please submit a brief statement of your experience, interests, availability, and/or reasons why you would like to serve.

Board members are expected to:


  • attend monthly Board meetings
  • attend bi-monthly meetings with the City’s Human Resources Department 
  • attend quarterly Brown Bag events for retirees
  • serve on Board committees 
  • prepare reports as required  
  • provide guidance and oversee assigned committees such as membership, fundraising, health benefits, and financial development 
Nominations may be sent to:
Attn: Gene Camargo
P.O. Box 12973
San Antonio, TX 78212-0973

The Nominating Committee will review qualified applicants and select a slate of candidates — one person per open Board position — to be nominated and placed on the ballot. Deadline for the Nominating Committee to consider applicants is November 6, 2016. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the December 6th Annual Meeting. All candidates nominated from the floor must be members in good standing, present at the meeting, and able to express their qualifications and interests in serving, as well as their availability and willingness to attend meetings and carry out the duties and responsibilities of a RECOSA Board member. The candidates with the most votes will fill the vacant positions. Numbers will be drawn by the elected individuals to determine the positions they will fill. The Nominating Committee will announce the voting results at the conclusion of the December 6th Annual Meeting.

Questions may be called in to RECOSA’s phone line at (210) 504-9567 (please leave a message and your call will be returned). 

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RECOSA is a non-profit organization of employees retired from the City of San Antonio. The mission of RECOSA is to inform retired municipal employees of the City of San Antonio and other stakeholders on matters concerning retiree healthcare and retirement benefits and to take such actions as necessary to protect and preserve these benefits in a responsible manner; to promote and sponsor activities for mutual benefit of all members; and to assist in maintaining and improving the quality of life for civilian retirees of the City of San Antonio.