RECOSA is a non-profit organization of employees retired from the City of San Antonio.

The mission of RECOSA is to inform retired municipal employees of the City of San Antonio and other stakeholders on matters concerning retiree healthcare and retirement benefits and to take such actions as necessary to protect and preserve these benefits in a responsible manner; to promote and sponsor activities for mutual benefit of all members; and to assist in maintaining and improving the quality of life for civilian retirees of the City of San Antonio.


  • Develop and maintain an ongoing relationship with retirees and other stakeholders including city staff, elected public officials, Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS) staff and others as necessary.
  • Gather, analyze and disseminate demographic information about the City of San Antonio civilian retirees.
  • Communicate with members through a dedicated website, emails, mailings, meetings and other means as necessary on relevant issues in a timely manner.
  • Monitor proposed changes to retiree health and retirement benefits and offer input regarding these changes to elected public officials and City of San Antonio staff.
  • Recruit and maintain membership in the organization through attendance at relevant events, collaboration with the City of San Antonio, and other means.
  • Seek funding as needed to support the activities of the organization.
  • Maintain 501(c)(3) status by following all applicable laws and ensuring all reporting and organization actions reflect such requirements.

YOUR RECOSA BOARD (Select for picture and biography)
Rose Rangel, Chair
Rebecca Waldman, Vice Chair
John L. German, Treasurer
Patricia Peak, Recording Secretary
Stephen Haney, Corresponding Secretary
Liz Garcia, Board Member
Martha Sepeda, Board Member
Michael M. Trainer, Board Member
Frank J. Villani, Board Member
Gene Camargo, Ex Officio

Phone: (210) 504-9567
Mailing Address:
PO Box 12973
San Antonio, TX 78212-0973

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